Hello clients and friends!
All of us at Wilson Realty wish you health and safety during this time. We are currently doing our part to help flatten the COVID-19 curve by remaining available remotely to service your real estate needs. As an update, please see a letter below from 2020 Michigan Realtors® President, Maureen Francis; explaining our industry's current state:
Dear Michigan Realtors®:      
Three weeks ago, nobody could have imagined what we are seeing today. Our commitment as Realtors® to the communities we serve in the great state of Michigan has never been more important. Yet the way we’re being asked to show our commitment is profoundly different. Together, we can all save lives.
 As we watch the number of cases of COVID-19 significantly increase statewide, it is critical that we Realtors® do our part to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the virus. To that end, adherence to the Governor’s “Stay-at-Home” order is paramount.
We continue to receive calls from both members and consumers who are concerned that some Realtors® may not be strictly observing the limitations in the Governor’s order. We can all appreciate that there is no such thing as “business as usual” right now. Even in those states where Real Estate has received an “essential service” designation, private showings and open houses are in many cases restricted. In Michigan, in-person contact with a client or consumer for the purposes of showing a home or other real property represents a clear violation of the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-21. Obviously, Realtors® do not want to be viewed as an industry that isn’t willing to do its part to protect the health of the citizens of Michigan. Even one transgression by one Realtor® will reflect badly on the industry as a whole – nobody wants that headline. The Governor has made it very clear in her public comments that violating the order will result in double fines and will put your license at risk. The “Stay-at-Home” order remains in effect through midnight on April 13, 2020, unless it is modified or extended. 
As we all try to do our part, it is important to understand what Realtors® can still do under the Executive Order. The Order does not prevent remote real estate activity. We have heard of many instances where Realtors® have embraced innovative practices to stay in contact with current clients and work on developing new listings as well. To the extent that it can be accomplished remotely, Realtors® can continue to work with potential buyers and sellers to identify their client’s needs and even sign listing and buyer agency contracts. Realtors® may assist sellers with staging their homes for their own photographs and/or videos. Realtors® may help new buyer clients narrow down their housing needs and wants so that they are ready to hit the ground running when showings are available. And, of course, for those purchase contracts already in place, Realtors® can move the process along via phone and email and even participate in the closings remotely. Selling and buying real property is stressful even in the best of times.  
Make no mistake we established an effective line of communication and cooperation with the Governor’s Office well in advance of this crisis and, despite the hard line of the Executive Order, Governor Whitmer clearly understands the importance of real estate to Michigan’s economy. Michigan Realtors® staff continues to advocate daily on your behalf to protect home ownership, private property rights and our industry. However, until the Order is lifted or modified, now is the time for our industry to impress Michigan’s buyers and sellers with our professionalism and innovation, all the while preserving the health and safety of our great state. I thank each of you for the profound personal sacrifices that come with participating for the betterment of all.
Michigan Realtors® will continue to keep you informed of new developments by email or on our Facebook page. Michigan Realtors® staff remains available during normal business hours by phone and email as it has throughout this crisis.
We are stronger together, even when we are apart. Most importantly of all, may you and your loved ones remain well.
Maureen Francis
2020 Michigan Realtors® President
Wilson Realty Inc.